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Recording Your Real Estate Documents

The Recorder accepts for recording those documents relating to real property transactions. In order for these documents to be accepted by our Recording Services Department, they must meet those requirements set by the ORC. Please review the Real Estate Recording Guide and the Document Standarization Requirements page to ensure your document meets these requirements.

To record your document, you may visit the Recorder's Office or file through the mail. We ask that you include a self-addressed stamped envelope or the Recorder's Office will charge postage to return the original document. The method of payment for all document filings or copies is by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card. There is an additional 3% convenience fee if you are using a credit/debit card. Please make your check or money order payable to "Franklin County Recorder." Checks payable to second or third parties will not be accepted. Please see the Fee Structure below for a complete list of fees.

Real Estate Recording Guide

Document Standardization Guide

Fee Structure 

How To Record A Deed


"Thank you Recorder O’Connor and all of your staff for keeping our real estate industry informed and engaged over the last few years.  As a real estate title agency owner, our company has been so impressed by the many improvements from your office.  Not only did you adopt new technology to be able to E-Record deeds and other documents, you also listened and engaged our industry to make sure each improvement was needed and effective.  Better yet, during the Pandemic, you actively listened to our industry and held consistent teleconference meetings to inform industry stakeholders of changes as county offices closed or created other methods to access the office during a pandemic. Thank you Recorder O’Connor for leading such a successful office of our government. Your efforts are truly appreciated."

Scott Stevenson - CEO of Northwest Title


E-Recordings are accepted by our office. Documents that meet all legal and standardization requirements may be e-recorded. Deeds that transfer real property are now being accepted for e-recording by the Auditor, Engineer and Recorder (via Simplifile). Any documents that transfer real estate should still start the transfer process with the Franklin County Auditor.

The Recorder's office does not have their own e-recording platform, but there are a number of private companies that provide e-recording services that are then consolidated and sent to the Recorder. These service companies may charge additional fees.

Companies currently e-recording with Franklin County include CSC Global, ePN, Indecomm Global Services and Simplifile.


The Franklin County Recorder’s Office is accepting documents completed with both electronic and online notarization as long as they meet the requirements set forth by the Ohio Legislature and the Ohio Secretary of State. Please visit the link below and call our office with any additional questions.

Ohio Secretary of State

Escrow Account Services

Individuals or companies that record documents on a regular basis may prefer to set up an escrow account with the Recorder's office so that they do not have to bring a separate check or cash for each recording. Individuals or companies seeking to establish an escrow account with our office must first become a registered user on our public records search website located here. Once registered, fill out the Create New Escrow Account form below and return it to our office with an initial deposit of $100 or more.

Escrow Account Policy 

Create New Escrow Account 

Update Escrow Account Form     

Redaction Requests

Certain public servants whose residential information is exempt from public record can have their information redacted from publicly viewable documents on our website. To find out if you qualify, please review the Request to Redact Address form for a complete list of job types. Please email the completed form to [email protected]

Redaction Request Form