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Property Alert

Property Alert is a tool to help detect possible fraudulent activity on your name that can affect your property by automatically searching documents filed at the Franklin County Recorder’s Office. Users can create profiles for any individual or business name and receive an alert when a document is recorded in our office with that name. Users are encouraged to set up profiles with multiple variations of their name. Ex: “Daniel J. O’Connor Jr”, “Danny J. O’Connor”, “Danny O’Connor”, etc. 

Alert notifications will be sent to the email address provided by the user. The email alert will include the matched name, the instrument number and recording date of the matching document. Alerts will only be for documents recorded in the Franklin County Recorder’s Office and will not include documents filed in other County offices. Below is a How-To guide on how to configure profiles as well as FAQ's about the service.

                                                Property Alert How-To              Property Alert FAQ's


Protecting Your Property 

In an ongoing effort to help Franklin County residents detect fraudulent activity on their property, many County office holders are committed to making detection easier and providing more resources for property owners. The Franklin County Auditor’s office offers a Property eAlerts tool through which a property owner can sign up to receive an automated email alert whenever a change is made to their property record (e.g., change in property owner, change in owner address, change in value). This free tool is designed to allow property owners to easily monitor changes made to their property records. It is recommended that property owners sign up for alerts from both offices since we each have different systems of records. Click the link below to find out more.

                                             Auditor's Property e-Alerts