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Fee Calculator

Document fees typically follow the below fee structure:

  • $34 for the first two pages
  • $8 for each additional page
  • $20 fee if the document does not meet the standardization requirements
  • $4 for each marginal reference that is indexed
  • $2 convenience fee if paying by debit/credit card
  • $1 document return fee if a self-addressed stamped envelope is not provided at the time of recording

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card. Please make checks payable to the Franklin County Recorder. Checks payable to second or third parties will not be accepted.‚Äč

The Recorder's fees are set in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code section 317.32. Our complete Fee Structure can be found below as well as a Waived Fees Eligibility List.

 Fee Structure                       Waived Fees