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Recorder Warns Homeowners' of Scam

Posted on 11/7/2017

Franklin County property owners, please be aware of a scam that is being mailed out across our county. These scammers are contacting you asking for up to $89 in order to be mailed back a copy of your property deed. However, here in the Franklin County Recorder’s office, we provide copies of deeds for free and certified copies of deeds for $2 per page and $1 for certification (a total of $5 for two-page deeds). You can also visit our website at to search your property and print off any related documents, free of charge. There is never a need to go through a third-party to obtain information that relates to you or your family that is publicly available. I would like to thank those of you who have continued to contact the Recorder’s office over the past year bringing attention to this scam. Our customer service team is available from 8AM-5PM (Monday-Friday) to answer your questions at (614) 525-3930.

Please click here to view an example of the solicitation letter.