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Recorder's Website Updates

Date Posted: 10/20/17

The Recorder's Office will be rolling out a newly redesigned website over the weekend (10/21 -10/22). All the functionality of the previous site has remained but might be located in a different area. Quick links have been added at the top of each page that will direct you to our public search webstie as well as our fee calculator. The redesigned site will take most of the weekend to filter to the primary browsers and search engies but will be fully deployed by Monday (10/23). While the new site is being populated the old site will still be accessible. 

Updated Policies

Date Posted: 03/08/17

Effective June 1, 2017

When documents are presented without a self-addressed stamped return envelope, the Recorder’s Office will be charging a flat $1.00 return fee for disposition/returning of fully recorded documents. The new fee is for one envelope and postage that costs $1.00 or less. Each additional return envelope with postage will be charged another $1.00. Single envelopes with higher postage will be rounded up to the next whole dollar.


Effective May 8, 2017

Copies of cover pages and certified copies of recorded documents can no longer be obtained until documents have gone through the FULL recording process (including scanning, indexing and verifying). At that time, when documents are available for public viewing, copies can be obtained via the recorder’s office website or by visiting the office’s customer service department. 

*Note: the current process for normal disposition of fully recorded ORIGINAL documents has not changed. Customers may also request a detailed receipt from office staff at any time.*

Effective April 1, 2017

The Recorder’s Office will be rejecting any recordings that do not have precise payment amounts. Please reference our website (http://recorder.franklincountyohio.gov/fees/calculator.cfm) to calculate accurate total fees for payment.


Effective March 6, 2017

All Re-recorded documents will NOT be charged $8 for the original cover page. Please note this change as many of you will need to adjust your fee calculations by multiples of $8 when submitting your documents and payments.


Please contact our office with any questions or concerns. 


10/20/17 Recorder's Website Updates
03/08/17 Updated Policies
01/12/17 Updated Veteran ID Card Program Information
01/11/17 Updated Electronic Living Will Packet Now Available