How do I prepare a document to be recorded?
The Recorder's office strongly recommends that patrons seek professional advice from attorneys or licensed title agencies before preparing any document to be recorded. Our employees cannot offer legal advice.

Does your office supply blank forms if I want to prepare my own document?
No. You may obtain "fill in the blank" forms at many office supply or stationery stores. Care must be taken that any submitted documents meet all legal requirements.

What happens to an original document once it has been recorded?
The originals are returned based on the instructions given to us at the time of recording. Typically those instructions are to return the documents to the financial institution or title company that is filing. Those filing may pay for postage at that time, and documents will be returned to the address specified. Documents can also be mailed in envelopes provided to us or held for pickup and signed out upon recording.

I am trying to view and print document images online. Why can't I print what I see?
Our documents are stored electronically in Tagged Image File Format (TIFF). In some cases QuickTime runs instead of your TIFF viewer. Unless you configure it not to, QuickTime may register itself as your TIFF file viewer, thus disabling the existing TIFF viewer installed on your system. The following instructions describe how to configure QuickTime to not handle TIFF files. Note that some versions of QuickTime are slightly different. Very old versions (before 4.1) are very different, and you might consider upgrading or uninstalling.

  • From the Start menu, select "Control Panel".
  • [Windows XP] If it says "Pick a category", click "Switch to Classic View" at the upper-left.
  • Double-click the "QuickTime" icon.
  • From the drop-down list, select "Browser Plug-in".
  • Click the "MIME Settings" button.
  • Double-click the "Images ..." item to expand it.
  • If the "TIFF ..." or "image/tiff" item is checked, uncheck it.
  • Press the "OK" button, and close the "QuickTime Settings" window by clicking the X in the upper-right corner.

How do I search for a deed by street address or parcel number?
You will need an owner's name, transfer date and legal description to find the deed. The Franklin County Auditor has this information.

I have just paid off my loan. Where is my new deed?
Typically a new deed is only issued when a property is transferred (e.g. bought/sold). When a mortgage is satisfied, a release of mortgage (REMO) is prepared and filed by the lender.

Where can I get a survey of my property?
Surveys are not typically filed in the Recorder's Office. Contact your lender or title company for this information. If your home is in a subdivision, a plat map will typically be available. A plat map is a drawing showing dimensions of a lot with streets, alleys, building lines, etc. drawn to scale. You can search our records for plat maps by using a subdivision name. A plat map will not show any buildings or blueprints. The Franklin County Auditor's office manages a public access map room where users may print customized Geographic Information System (GIS) maps. The available customized data layers include building footprints, lot dimensions, and some utilities.

Are UCC filings recorded in the Recorder's Office?
Effective July 1 2001, Uniform Commercial Code financing statements are recorded in this office if they relate to real estate. UCC filings pertaining to personal property are recorded with the Ohio Secretary of State.

A credit agency is reporting inaccuracies on my credit report involving liens recorded in your office. Can you remove these from my credit report?
You may dispute errors in your credit profile with the credit bureau that is reporting the disputed information. We do not report to credit agencies or intervene on behalf of individuals disputing their credit report. Documents recorded in our office are public record and are accessible for search by any interested parties, including credit-reporting agencies. You may want to consult with an attorney.

I need to have certified copies. Can I print out documents from home and then have them certified?
No. You will have to come to the office or send in a mail request to order certified copies. There is a fee required in accordance with state law.

Do you have the deed to my mobile home?
No. The Franklin County Auditor's Personal Property Tax Division registers mobile home titles.

What is a "marginal notation"?
A marginal notation is a reference to a previously recorded document. Historically, documents such as mortgages and liens were assigned and/or released by placing a stamp in the margins of the official record book. Many documents require a prior reference for recording and indexing. There is an additional charge per reference for documents that are recorded with our office containing marginal notations.

When preparing references on documents for recording, please use the "official recording number" for the reference, using the corresponding date parameters: All documents recorded as of 5/15/1997 use an instrument number, e.g. 200501010001111, as the official recording number. For documents recorded before 5/15/1997 but on or after 10/10/1980, the official recording number is a volume and page, and uses a letter within the page number, e.g. 27654I17. Documents recorded prior to 10/10/1980 use a book and page, e.g. 3703 125, as the official recording number.